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Shades of Green

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152 Western Avenue Essex MA 01929 us

Before everybody starting talking “green”, and long after our generation started talking about it back in the last century (that would be about 1970….) Gaybrook Garage has been walking the walk.

While we don’t quite have the solar panels in the roof yet, we do have an oil recycling program that is pretty cool. Well, warm. We heat our building with the oil that comes from your car’s oil changes! For the past 15 years we have been using a waste oil furnace, which burns used oil. After a series of filters, it burns nice and clean and heats up this old cinder block building. (Imagine heating a building with gigantic bay doors opening and closing all day long, Ouch!)

So, the solar panels won’t be far behind, but we wanted you to know that bringing your car to Gaybrook is doing more than just keeping your car running clean. It’s helping all of us breathe a little easier!